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This is an old website. A new website is being built. By the end of this year we will launch our new campaigns.


Soon we are going to launch the events of the modern human rights organization Project Aware, feel free to like our Facebook Page. DANCE4FREEDOM is more than just an event, it is about sending out a signal of freedom and the right to be yourself!
Thank you so much in advance and pay/share it forward!

After Project Aware's successful period of raising awareness, time has come for us to move on to the next step. At the moment, we are working on the new, website, projects, brand ID and interactive campaigns and therefore, cannot communicate any info or launch date of Project Aware 2.0 just yet. However, we can tell you that all of the next phase is going to be very powerful and promising; so don't miss out!
If you leave your personal info - by 'voting for freedom' - right here, right now, you will be one of the first to be informed and move the new movement.

Thanks for your trust, patience and (future) support, on behalf of the Project Aware Team

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All your data and e-mail address will be kept safe, shall only be used to raise the number on the counter with plus one, inform you of our future projects of Project Aware 2.0 and will never be given to third parties. Until then you can see what Project Aware has been up to over the past years.



Over the past years Project Aware has been very successful in not only reaching many people but also making them aware of the importance of freedom - how important is freedom for you? 

The innovative and modern human rights organization operates, without making use of donations, grants, and gifts, in a world where often it seems that money and economics are of primal importance. Project Aware has grown from an idealistic idea of the two initiators to a much appreciated organization among the target group.
Thanks go out to all sponsors, interns and volunteers, who with their product, service or expertise have helped out and until now have generously put effort into the Project Aware mission. 

However, the desired growth and continuality have not yet manifested as expected and it is time for reflection, in order to present a new and improved plan, with which we can reach our targets and mission on the long run. Now that Project Aware temporarily does not have a physical office time has come to focus our attention and energy strategically rather than on the widespread activities of our various business units.

Maybe more than ever do we count on your understanding support and vote for freedom – and against torture and oppression. We shall announce the start of the second phase of Project Aware’s existence as soon as we have done what has to be done in order to continue the fight for freedom. 

Het Project Aware team


Vote for Freedom now!

New faces

In cooperation with photographer Krijn van Noordwijk, make-up artist Schreeuw om Stijl, eleven fantastic models of our sponsor TRCP Models and in line with our corporate identity Project Aware produced some wonderful stills to draw the attention and communicate out message towards various media. All of the below break free from a situation where torture and oppression are clearly felt but these new faces clearly stand for the most important aspect of ever individual namely, freedom!


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